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The IBS Set

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The IBS Set fixes the miscommunication between your gut and brain.

  • Drug and diet free
  • No appointment needed
  • Quick and easy to apply

The IBS Set includes the most common allergies associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 

The set includes:

  • Red Cold Laser
  • Stress Vial: targets symptoms and reactions to all allergens
  • Vial 1: targets chicken, egg, milk, cheese, calcium, vitamin C and parasites
  • Vial 2: targets sugar and B vitamins
  • Vial 3: targets heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, toxins and petroleum products
  • Vial 4: targets vaccines
  • Vial 5: targets candida (another sugar)
  • Vial 6: targets wheat, gluten, and grains
  • Vial 7: targets food combination allergens
    • Beans
    • Cruciferous
    • Coffee/Caffeine/Chocolate

The Allergy Kit® is the culmination of more than 15 years of research and development to create an easy, practical way to treat allergies at home.

We have developed this method by treating thousands of patients in our office. We’ve found what works and applied what we do in the office to a kit that will allow you to take control of your health and teach your body to respond in a better, healthier way.

The IBS Set