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Testimonials | The Allergy Kit


Testimonial on the Autism Kit



Testimonial about The Allergy Kit



Testimonial of The Allergy Kit from Wil J




Testimonial on The Allergy Kit by Brooke P.



Testimonial on The Allergy Kit by Reeny and Jen




Testimonial on The Allergy Kit by Sharon






I’m a mother of a 3-year-old son which is able to attend full time regular 3k school program now. When my son was 2 yrs old he couldn’t say 10 words. He was showing developmental delays. I looked up for solutions. After I tried NAET technique, I decided to learn something that I can do for my son and not being dependent on NAET Practitioner. One blessed day I found Dr. Ynge on internet. I purchased  her book immediately and I read it in 1 hr. I felt an AHA moment “this is it”. I bought the Allergy Kit plus more vials that muscle testing showed that are necessary for my son.  

At the beginning wasn’t easy to do the surrogate session but with time everything improved. I also tried The Body Code by Dr. Ynge and I am very happy with the impact that this technique has to my son’s life. 

Thank you Doctor Ynge Ljung 

You’re an amazing person and you’ve made such a difference in my life and I will be forever grateful to you. - Brunilda S. 10/11/21



My daughter is 9 years old and has suffered from stomach aches for as long as I can remember. I tried everything to help her but didn't know what to do. After the first allergy treatment, her stomach aches just went away. Gone. Zippo. It brings tears to my eyes to realize how many years she suffered. If I only knew about The Allergy Kit earlier. - Jennifer



My relationship with my girlfriend was going along very well until she got this cat. I am allergic to cats. I told her it was either me or the cat. Well, that didn't work. She said I would get used to her. I didn't. As our relationship continued to get better, she asked if I would move in with her. I was apprehensive because the longer I stayed around the cat, the worse I got. But this was the love of my life; how could I say no. The Allergy Kit saved my life and my relationship. After going through the treatments, I was surprised to be able to stay for extended periods of time around the cat. Now the cat and I are best friends. She can stay on my lap and "I have to say that I am really attached to that little guy."
Thank you Allergy Kit! - Kevin


 I've suffered with food and environmental allergies for most of my life, and had reached a point where my diet was extremely limited, and I had to exercise caution going out in public due to exposure to chemicals. I had tried and had decent results with allergy treatments with a practitioner, but found the cost of the visits to be prohibitive, especially for follow up re-treatments.

Finding The Allergy Kit has been the BEST thing to happen to me on my journey to wellness. The kit gives me the tools I need to treat myself, and with wonderful results, and is simple and straightforward to use! I am now able to enjoy foods that I had written off for good, and I am fit and actively participating in life again!
I had long given up hope of finding anything which would help me overcome my chronic condition, but the home allergy kit has given me hope and relief for what I assumed was a lifelong condition.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! - Brenda B.