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The Quit Smoking Set

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The Quit Smoking Set from The Allergy Kit, treats most common allergies to food, toxins, and vaccines. This kit includes an additional vial to help quit smoking.


  • Red Cold Laser
  • Stress Vial: targets symptoms and reactions to all allergens
  • Vial 1: targets chicken, egg, milk, cheese, calcium, vitamin C, and parasites
  • Vial 2: targets sugar and B vitamins
  • Smoking/Nicotine/Tobacco Vial 

The Quit Smoking Kit includes a 635nm Healing laser. The laser contains light-emitting semiconductor chips driven by a low voltage power supply with a wavelength of 635nm. Laser at this wavelength is the exact vibration of a healthy living cell and easily stimulates acupuncture points.

*2 AA batteries included

The Quit Smoking Set