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Start Now to Maintain Brain Health As You Age

We tend not to think very much about our brain when we’re young. That might be a bit of a philosophical conundrum (can a brain think about itself?), but it also can carry unfortunate repercussions down the road. It’s important to build a strong foundation of brain health for better aging, both physically and mentally. As we age, the mind-body connection becomes even more pronounced, and our physical health profoundly impacts our mental health - and vice versa.  

Food Additives: Look Beyond the Label

Think about any item in your kitchen pantry, flip over to the ingredients list and odds’re going to find some kind of food additive!  

Don’t Settle for Standard Thyroid Tests that Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Your thyroid is a small organ with a huge impact on all aspects of your health. Thyroid hormone impacts every cell in your body, so even a small disturbance in thyroid hormone levels affects your digestive tract, brain, heart, metabolism, glucose and cholesterol levels, and much more.

Why It’s More Important than Ever to Support Your Immune System

We have weathered some serious concerns about our health and how to protect ourselves from viruses like Covid-19 over the last year and a half. We know the fight is not over and that having a strong and healthy immune system is your first defense in preventing invaders from taking...

These 10 Common Symptoms May Mean Your Hormones Are Out of Balance

Hormones affect every aspect of your wellbeing, from your appetite to your zest for life. Despite their large impact on overall health, hormonal imbalances can be frustratingly difficult to recognize. That’s partly because our hormones must maintain a delicate balance and even a slight shift can have negative repercussions.

Breast Implant Illness: What You Should Know

The choice to get breast implants is highly personal, and most women don’t make the decision lightly. Whether it’s cosmetic or reconstructive, implant surgery is a major procedure, with important health implications. Women who have implants, and women considering the surgery, should be aware of the possible side effects and...

Lifestyle Factors for Blood Sugar Management

Are you noticing more stubborn belly fat? Experiencing wild sugar cravings? Constant fatigue and sudden crashes in energy? It could be because of a blood sugar imbalance! Our dietary choices and lifestyle practices play a huge role in either maintaining balance or spiking blood sugar levels. The number of people...

Is Sugar a Trick or a Treat? - A Repost

Are you overwhelmed by learning to create or maintain a healthy lifestyle for you and your family within a reasonable budget? With education and information you can make informed decisions for you and your family. Read this blog! 

Are you suffering from a food allergy?

Do you suspect that you may be suffering from a food allergy?   Or, do you know someone who does have a food allergy? If you do, you may be looking for more information.  Below, some of the common food allergies are listed, as well as information on those allergies.

Why Organic?

Why should we eat organic food? Is it really worth it? It's so much more expensive than the so-called normal food. Glyphosate, a systemic herbicide and the active ingredient in commonly sold products has now been classified by The World Health Organization as a category 2A carcinogen. But, is Glyphosate...

What is Up With Wheat?

We hear a lot these days about how wheat is not good for us. How can that be?Wheat is and has been a staple food for so long. How can it not be good for us? There are many reasons.Firstly, we didn't eat all white, processed wheat in the old...