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Jumpstart Healthy Eating

Listen in and learn about the easiest way possible to start eating healthily, with a program designed JUST FOR YOU.

Dr. Ynge Ljung specializes in helping people take control of their health and wellbeing by eliminating allergies and increasing their energy and vitality. As founder of The Allergy Kit, the Autism Kit,  and the Emotion Kit, she has helped thousands of people over the years. She carefully listens to her patients and customers and is continually striving to develop new products and create new programs to help them achieve even better health.

The EnJOYable Eating Jumpstart Program was designed in answer to questions from many patients and customers.

This program gives you specialized attention and an assessment specifically focusing on your needs, your nutrition and best health.

It offers individual and group support, answers to your questions and meal plans that YOU select from a large online recipe database!

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