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Does your cat have allergies?

Does your cat vomit frequently, or have diarrhea? Does she have irritated skin or dull hair and/or hairloss? Does she have any of the following symptoms:

Vomiting or diarrhea? Flatulence? Frequent scratching or hair loss? Red, inflamed skin? Chronic ear problems?

She may have a food allergy or food intolerance! Food allergies may take quite some time to develop. Unfortunately, there are often foods in the cat food, that are not good for her, but put in as fillers and ti make them feel full, without having the ‘real’ stuff that cats should eat and like in processed food for people, there are food colorings and additives that is bad for them, like for us.

It’s not easy to find food that is 100% suited for your cat, and if she is used to the processed food, she is probably addicted to it and doesn’t want the organic, ‘healthy’ cat foods you buy for a high price.

So, what can you do for your cat? If you can’t find foods that she likes and she gets sick from what she eats - it’s like a vicious cycle!

Luckily, you can clear her allergies with The Allergy Kit for cats! It contains most common foods with respective coloring and other additives, but also fleas, grass and other environmental substances, including vaccines and parasites.

The vaccines do the same to the animals as to people - lower their immune system, and treating and eliminating the reaction to them, will make them feel much better!

Even if you never saw a reaction from the vaccinations, they have them, believe me!

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